What to do when the car is driving strangely or making a weird sound?
Why does the steering wheel shake?

It may be because:

  1. Tire deformation: When the tire is aged or improperly maintained, it will cause uneven force during driving and cause the steering wheel to shake. If this is due to tire aging, it is recommended to replace it with a new tire.
  2. Abnormal tire dynamic balance: Abnormal tire dynamic balance values ​​can also cause the vehicle's steering wheel to shake, which is more noticeable when driving in a certain high-speed range.

What should I do if the engine stops functioning while driving?

If the engine goes out during driving, it is likely to cause danger, because after the engine goes out, the steering wheel and brake assistance will not be functioning, and the vehicle will likely to lose control. If you encounter an engine stall during driving, first stabilize the steering wheel, slowly apply the brakes, and stop the vehicle on the roadside for assistance.

Excessive carbon deposits, blocked oil passages, battery, water tank, engine belt, and other parts may cause the engine to stall, so it is recommended to send to the factory for inspection and find the cause for repair.

What to do if the engine (engine) fails to start?

There may be several reasons:

  1. The vehicle circuit is faulty, or the battery is dead. → If the battery is out of power, you can use a ground wire or an emergency power supply to ignite; if it still fails to start, the vehicle circuit or oil circuit may be faulty. It is recommended to send your vehicle to the factory for repair.
  2. Malfunction of an ignition coil or spark plug. The ignition coil is mainly responsible for converting low-voltage electricity to high-voltage electricity to drive the spark plug for discharge ignition. If the ignition coil or the spark plug fails, it may cause the engine to start difficult or fail to start.
  3. Failure of the fuel circuit, damage to the gasoline pump, or lack of oil in the fuel tank can also cause the engine to fail to start.

How often does the car need an oil change?

Maxeme Auto recommends autos which operate on synthetic oil to have an oil change every 8000 km or once per year to maintain excellent performance.

What do I do if I am in an accident?

The first step you should take is to check if anyone is injured. If someone is hurt, it is important to call 911 right away. Keep calm and take a deep breath then collect the required report materials, carefully following these steps:

  1. Please confirm the owner of the vehicle then use your mobile phone to photograph the license plate number, the insurance policy information, the driver's license of the other party involved as well as the damage to the two cars. 
  2. Look for eyewitnesses and collect their names and contact numbers
  3. Record the information at the accident site including such details as: date, time, location of the accident, weather and road conditions at that time (Where to go? What road section? Several lanes?), accident description
  4. Report ICBC to obtain the report number. ICBC English Service Phone: 604-520-8222; ICBC Chinese Service Phone: 1-855-813-2121
  5. After obtaining the report number, call  Maxeme Auto for assistance. 

What should I do if my engine light is on? What should I do if my tire pressure light is on?

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