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Maxeme Auto is your go-to car repair shop in Vancouver and Richmond! Any car related problems, Maxeme Auto will provide you with the most professional answers and solutions.


#2-2300 Simpson Rd. Richmond

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  • Monday to Friday:9AM - 5:30PM
  • Saturday:9AM - 12:30PM
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Car maintenance

Maintenance and repair of any car, full synthetic engine oil replacement, tire repair, tire replacement, four wheel alignment, repair of problems affecting the engine ∕ power system, gearbox ∕ gear system, turbine ∕ supercharger system, air conditioning system, instrumentation, lighting, brake systems, wiring systems, chassis systems, steering systems, and more
If you are out driving and notice an odd sound or strange sensation in your car, give Maxeme Auto a call or stop by our showroom for assistance.

We will provide a thorough assessment of the problem and a road map to fix it without placing any pressure on you for expensive repairs or parts. We provide the professional advice you need and leave the decisions up to you.

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